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Live Account Testing

We regularly test Expert Advisors to give our clients a transparent look into how the Expert Advisors operate in terms of entry, exit, and money management. Our clients are able to log in and watch the Expert Advisors manage trades in live accounts in real time.

Got Money FX funded live account holders get discounted access to all Expert Advisors we test on our website.

To request an Expert Advisor simply email your request to

FXE 3-Pair M1 DayShift
Login: 550157
Password: please email for the account password
Server: GotMoneyFX-MT4-IS01
Start date: 10th June 2010
Current profit: 145.27%

Details: This Expert Advisor is called "FXE 3-Pair M1 DayShift" and has been provided to us for testing by the team at Forex Explained. It runs on the EURUSD, AUDCAD and EURGBP pairs on the 1 minute chart. The Expert Advisor uses a combination of indicators to determine entry points and uses dollar-cost-averaging & hedging money management techniques.

Login to the account using the details above to see the live account forward testing results since 10th June 2010.

For more information about Expert Advisors and how to use them click here.