Forex Education

Got Money FX offers detailed forex education including forex video tutorials. The focus of our forex education is to help people develop complete forex trading strategies.

A great place to start learning about forex trading is our Got Money FX - Trading Forex Guide - a 60 page document providing a great overview of the forex market and forex trading in general.

You can also learn the basics of our forex platform in our MetaTrader 4 User Guide - a step by step guide on how to complete many of the common trading tasks within MetaTrader.

Our forex education consists of the following:

  • Forex Video Tutorials
    - A great collection of video tutorials covering topics including "Introduction to MetaTrader 4" and "Introduction to Expert Advisors" as well basic procedures such as "Open a Market Order" and "Add and Remove Indicators."

  • Introduction to Forex
    -Central Banks
    -Contracts & Margin
    -Currency Pairs
    -Forex Pricing
    -Forex Terminology
    -Forex VS Shares
    -Leverage & Margin

  • Technical Analysis
    -Introduction to Technical Analysis
    -Basic Concepts
    -Chart Patterns
    -Moving Averages

  • Fundamental Analysis
    -Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
    -Economics of the CHF
    -Economics of the EUR
    -Economics of the GBP
    -Economics of the USD

  • Forex Trading Strategies
    -Introduction to Forex Trading Strategies
    -Gann Theory
    -Master Bars
    -Pivot Points
    -Risk Tolerance

Our staff are highly trained in developing forex trading strategies including automated forex trading through the use of Expert Advisors.

Please contact us if you need any help with your forex trading strategies or Expert Advisors.